MTH 112 A & B -- Calculus II
  Spring 2010
Instructor: Peggy Sullivan
    Office: SLC 410 
    Office hours: MWF 10:00-
11:00 AM, MW 2:00-3:00 PM and also at other times  by appointment

Class Meetings:
Section A:
MTWF 8:00-8:50 AM (SLC 424)
    Section B: MTWF 9:00-9:50 AM (SLC 424)

Text: University Calculus, by Hass, Weir and Thomas; Pearson Addison Wesley 2007;
ISBN 0-321-35014-6

Web Pages:  This (  ) is the main web page for the course.    For additional information go to:

Prerequisite: MTH 111. 

Course Description and Objectives:  A continuation of MTH 111. Topics include: techniques of integration, applications of the integral, and infinite sequences and series. Not open to students with credit for MTH 106. Students successfully completing this course should be able to:

Calculators and Computer Accounts:  You will need a TI89 graphing calculator.  Email is the best way to communicate with me and there is important class information on these web pages.  You will need access to email and the web, either through your Wilkes University account or another account of your choice. 

Attendance:  You are expected to attend all classes and all meetings of the study session you are registered for. You are responsible for everything that goes on in class (even if you are not there).  Roll will be taken at each class and at each study session.  In accordance with university policy, four or more unexcused absences will result in an F in the course.

Exams, Quizzes and Homework Grades:  There will be four full period exams (tentatively scheduled for 2/5, 3/5, 4/9 and 4/30) the best three of which will each count for 1/6 of your grade.  I will pick up homework assignments about twice a week at the beginning of class, usually on Tuesday and Friday, following the schedule shown on the assignment page.  You will be able to drop your four lowest homework grades, the rest will be averaged together and will count for 1/6 of your grade.   There will be a final exam, given during finals week, which will count for 1/3 of your grade.    No makeups will be given for exams, if you miss an exam it will be one you drop.  Homework will not be accepted late.  If  classes are canceled or put on a compressed schedule due to the weather on an exam day, the exam will be given at the next regular class.

Homework Assignments:  You need to do your homework on a nightly basis to avoid falling behind.  You cannot learn mathematics just by watching your instructor do the problems.  You must practice yourself.  In order to encourage you to do your homework, the homework assignments will be collected and graded.  If you have questions about the homework, you should see me outside of class before the assignment is due. I am always available during my office hours and quite often at other times.  You may also email me with homework questions.  The grader for your homework will be looking to see that you are doing your homework, that all the problems have been attempted and that most are done correctly.  Some of the problems will be graded for correctness.  He or she will expect to see your work, not just a list of answers. A list of all the assignments can be found on the assignment page.

Academic Honesty:  The work you hand in should be your own work.  If there is evidence that work you hand in is not your own, the first time you will receive a zero on the exam and the second time you will receive an F in the course.  Appropriate deans will also be notified.

Drop Policy:  If you wish to drop, I will give my permission during the first ten weeks of the semester.  Thereafter you will need the permission of the Dean.  Be aware that poor performance in the course will not be sufficient reason for the Dean's permission to be granted.

Grading:  The total points available are computed as follows:
best 3 of the 4 inclass exams  @ 100 pts. ea. 300
HW percentage
final exam 200
total possible points 600

and your final grade will be computed from the total points you earn as follows:
Total Points 0 to 359 360 to 389 390 to 419 420 to 449 450 to 479 480 to 509 510 to 539 540 to 600
Grade 0 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0